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Meet Our Roasters - Khomanta Relationship Coffee

Updated: Mar 3

When I say 'MVP' of Kansas City, you probably think Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Although that would be fair, I would argue that the REAL MVP of Kansas City is Khomanta Relationship Coffee!

For a few years before Khomanta owners Haydee and Clint started the roastery, that wanted to do something different with their lives. They experimented with various business ventures that never felt quite right. A couple of years during that time, they moved and lived in Peru (Haydee’s birthplace) and while she grew a stronger connection to her home country, they also learned about what coffee means to the country of Peru.

Haydee already had a strong love of coffee, but she took the opportunity to learn more; how to cup, how to roast, and all the other details in between about the coffee industry from farm, to roast, to cup. Haydee quickly fell in love with the trade just as much as the coffee itself, finding herself wanting to get even more and more involved. Clint joined Haydee is classes where they gained more understanding and insights into the world of coffee.

After realizing that there was a lot to the coffee industry that the general people don’t know, see, or think about, they decided to start Khomanta to bridge that gap! They both found their purpose and realized that this was what they were meant to do. They decide that the vision and foundation of Khomanta would be to treat coffee producers as partners and part of their family. They were determined to help improve their lives by ensuring they were compensated and treated fairly. They wanted to reinforce their beliefs that the coffee producers should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and, at the bare minimum, lead more comfortable and equitable lives. To do this, Haydee and Clint launched the Khomanta profit-sharing program, where producers earn a percentage of all coffee they’ve grown and has been sold. This results in a bonus paid directly to them and an extra lifeline for a better livelihood on their farms.

Where does the name ‘Khomanta’ come from? In the ancient Peruvian language of Aymara, khomanta means to “hug” or “embrace”. With their close family ties with Peru and a love for coffee and everyone they’d meet during their coffee journey, this name just felt right to them.

‘Khomanta is not just a name to them. Every step they’ve taken on this path has led them to people with open arms, as well as people with a strong shared passion for what they do. The name embodies the relationships they build with their producers and customers. They believe it also describes that feeling you get when you try a cup of their coffee.

They are excited to see what lies ahead for Khomanta, and are overjoyed to be a part of the coffee world. Khomanta Relationship Coffee has partnered with My Coffee Marketplace to provide an exclusive offer to anyone who wants to try their incredible coffee. Just head over to Kohmanta’s website and put the promotional code 'MCM23' in at checkout and you will receive 20% off your coffee orders!

Stay Caffeinated,

Brandon Greenspoon

Founder | My Coffee Marketplace (MCM)

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