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Meet Our Roasters - Honesta Harvest Specialty Coffee

Based out of Bogotá, Colombia, Honesta Harvest Specialty Coffee is your favourite coffee roaster you've yet to try!

Honesta Harvest is a group of coffee lovers who dream and care about everything coffee! Not only do they grow and roast the coffee themselves, they also visit their farms from different locations as they are always trying to find the next great beans that offer the best notes and flavours.

They understand that their coffee reflects all the key players in the value chain so they take their craft very seriously! Honesta Harvest anchors themselves to three key values;

(1) Single Origin: they do not believe in mixing coffees from different origins, all of their coffees are single origin only

(2) Cherry to Cup: they grow, process, roast and pack the coffee themselves, they want want more control to reach the desired beans so they remove multiple actors in the value chain

(2) Targeted Beans: they only want to bring you the best coffees and therefroe always provide coffees that have Q Graders score of 84 points or higher.

Watch this video to learn more about Honesta Harvest Specialty Coffee;

Honesta Harvest has partnered with My Coffee Marketplace to provide an exclusive offer to anyone who wants to try their incredible coffee. Just head over to Honesta Harvest's website and put the promotional code 'GOODCUP23' in at checkout and you will receive 25% off your coffee orders!

Stay Caffeinated,

Brandon Greenspoon

Founder | My Coffee Marketplace (MCM)

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