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Meet Our Roasters - Balance Coffee Co.

Updated: Mar 3

To understand Balance Coffee, it's important to know more about it's founder, James Bellis.

James launched Balance Coffee during the pandemic in April 2020 because another one of his dreams unfortunately fell through.

Prior to the pandemic, James had decided to leave the coffee industry to start a business in the restaurant sector, which sadly never opened as a result of the UK Covid closures. Clearly COVID-19 had other plans for James. With the health and fitness industry at a peak, James felt that coffee was behind the curve especially in the UK. This sparked an idea to launch a coffee business on a mission to bring a healthier range of coffee products to a growing health conscious market.So James launched Balance Coffee, and he hasn't looked back!

Balance Coffee is on a mission to bring an exciting range of healthy speciality coffee products to the market. Championing sustainability and a commitment to sourcing from the top 5% of farms worldwide, Balance Coffee truly cares about what ingredients you put into your body.

All coffee is tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides because Balance coffee wants you to enjoy coffee that’s free from toxins while tasting utterly delicious.

You really can't go wrong with any of their coffee but you need to check out their recently launched Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee. This coffee is all the rage lately as it's packed with functional benefits such as improved mental clarity, a boost in (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor as well as a clean energy boost without the crash.

If Mushroom Coffee is not your thing, we recommend you check out their Single Origin Tasters Pack!

Balance Coffee has partnered with My Coffee Marketplace to provide an exclusive offer to anyone who wants to try their incredible coffee. Just head over to Balance Coffee's website and put the promotional code 'MCM25' in at checkout and you will receive 25% off your coffee and/or first time subscription order!

Stay Caffeinated,

Brandon Greenspoon

Founder | My Coffee Marketplace (MCM)

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