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Meet Our Roasters - Ambros Coffee Company

Updated: Mar 3

Ambros Coffee Company is a specialty coffee company based out of Montreal, Canada in 2020, whose identity is rooted in their personal rich history and rituals of coffee. The team combines new wave roasting techniques and practices with an old-school style of marketing to present a comprehensive sensory experience.

Ambros Coffee sources high-quality beans from all over the world, with equity and transparency top-of-mind. Through purposeful roasting, they aim to highlight the character of every bean. Their motivation to grow their presence in the specialty coffee space comes from their passion to deliver vibrant single origins and craft indulgent blends for all to enjoy!

The team is focused on the customers end-to-end experience, one that elicits emotion.

“We are committed to fairness and equity. We will never take more than we put in. That means working with companies that promote fair prices to farmers, and consistently finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint.” - Anthony Argiropoulos to Secret Sip Coffee Club

The team recently released coffee pods that are accessible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines and this is an absolute game changer! If you own a Nespresso machine and want to upgrade your coffee, you can now try Ambros' staple espresso roast 'Enzo the Baker' or their Felix from Colombia' roast.

Ambros Coffee has partnered with My Coffee Marketplace to provide an exclusive offer to anyone who wants to try their incredible coffee.

Just head over to Ambros Coffee's website and put the promotional code 'MCMAMBROS2023' in at checkout and you will receive 18% off your coffee orders!

Stay Caffeinated,

Brandon Greenspoon

Founder | My Coffee Marketplace (MCM)

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