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We hope our story, vision, and values inspire you to join us on our journey!

We love that you want to learn a little more about us! 

We are My Coffee Marketplace and we DARE you to not fall in love with us! 

Let's start at the beginning

We were absolutely heartbroken to see the impact that COVID-19 was having on specialty coffee roasters around the world. Our team banded together to discuss how we could help these small business speciality coffee roasters through COVID-19 but beyond it as well.

We were determined to be different

It clicked right away for us that we needed to develop some sort of online marketplace to promote these roasters and encourage coffee lovers to purchase their coffee. We created a motto when brainstorming on how My Coffee Marketplace should work. That motto was "Don't be afraid to be different, be afraid of being like everyone else".

We did our homework

We spoke with 100's (yes hundreds!) of coffee roasters to understand what they'd change about the online marketplaces or third party subscription programs. It was important to us that we developed a marketplace that was truly valuable to coffee roasters. We also chatted with passionate coffee drinkers (like yourself) to understand what 'undeniable value' looked like to them for an online coffee marketplace. Finally we took a look outside our industry to understand what other companies are doing to provide a premium customer experience. 


Undeniable value for coffee lovers

My Coffee Marketplace hands down provides coffee lovers with the most value of any online coffee marketplace or third party subscription program out there today.


Here's how;

[1] Undeniable deals for you! We work with each of our roasters to determine exclusive deals that are ONLY provided to My Coffee Marketplace. This means that you are receiving deals that you can't find anywhere else! 

[2] You call the shots! You determine which roaster(s) you want to purchase coffee from, when you want to purchase coffee, and how much coffee you want to purchase. You have all the power!

[3] No Memberships, No Fees! Our platform is completely free for coffee lovers. Our goal is to help you drink more specialty coffee and we think that the best way to do this is by giving you amazing coffee deals completely free. No memberships. No fees. Only savings. Unlimited savings!

Our roasters mean everything to us

If you haven't figured it out yet, this online marketplace is not about us, it's about our partnered roasters. Remember when we mentioned that we spoke to 100's of roasters? Well, we really listened. We built the My Coffee Marketplace program by putting the needs of the roasters ahead of our own. 

Here's how;

[1] It's business as usual for our roasters! The fulfillment process for roasters can be an absolute nightmare when joining an online marketplaces or third party subscription programs. The fulfillment processes are time consuming and add additional costs to the roasters! Not with My Coffee Marketplace as our model is business as usual for our roasters. We bring coffee lovers to their online stores to purchase coffee through their own fulfillment model.

[2] We ain't greedy! We don't have our hands in the pockets of our roasters. You can feel confident that when you purchase coffee from one our partnered roasters, that the roasters keep all the profit. We do not take a cut of their sales, charge them a ridiculous monthly fee, or even dictate the deals they offer. We know how important every dollar is to their business. 

[3] Our roasters get to know their customers! We were blown away to find out that roasters never find out who is drinking their coffee when partnering with other online marketplaces or third party subscription programs (for legal/privacy reasons).  As we encourages coffee lovers  to purchase coffee directly from the websites of our partnered roasters, they now have the opportunity to deepen their relationships with those drinking their coffee. 

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